These Piano and Piano + Orchestra recordings will give you a great starting point for choosing the music that will be in your wedding ceremony.  They are listed by section and organized together to give you an easy short-list for each type of song.  Special request songs are also already included in the fee for a wedding ceremony.  If you want a song in your ceremony, I'll be happy to learn it!


Solo piano

Victor Johnson


Ceremonial songs happen anywhere between the Processional and Recessional and are a great way to include your family and friends.  It can be music that happens during a unity ritual - lighting a candle, exchanging flowers, etc.  Or, it can be a musical performance by someone close to you that is accompanied by the piano.  You can even request an MP3 of any accompaniments to send to your performers months in advance so they can practice along!

Wedding Song Choices

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A good choice for a processional often has a slower, grander tempo that will fit the walking pace of the wedding party.  The length of the song can be flexible match the length of time it takes for the wedding party to walk the aisle.  


Recessionals capture the excitement of being announced as a couple for the first time!  They are played with higher energy and spirit.

  • Canon in D2:42
  • In My Life2:15
  • What a Wonderful World2:17
  • Stand By Me3:06
  • Return To The Heart2:41
  • Marry Me1:19
  • Once Upon A Time... Storybook Love2:10
  • Stay With You2:22
  • The Moon Represents My Heart Accompaniment2:58

  • Canon in D2:42
  • Cavatina2:07
  • Bridal Processional - Scenic World2:14
  • Staralfur2:10
  • Once Upon A Time... Storybook Love2:10
  • Falling Slowly (from "Once")3:13
  • Bridal Processional - Cristofori's Dream2:13
  • All Of Me2:24
  • Marry Me1:19

  • Recessional - All You Need Is Love2:03
  • Friday I'm In Love1:50
  • Staralfur2:10
  • A Beautiful Day3:06
  • I Will2:27
  • All Of Me2:24
  • Scenic World2:11
  • Recessional - Desert Rain - Medley: Behind the Waterfall4:18