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Q:  How often should I get my piano tuned?

A:  Simple answer - At least once per year, twice if you play often.

Q:  When is the best time of year to get my piano tuned?

A:  In Minnesota, where there are big changes in humidity between summer and winter, the best time to get your piano tuned is right before the change happens - so in the fall or the spring.  Changes in humidity are what cause your piano to detune.  That's why tuners suggest that you get your piano tuned 30 days after a move, so your piano has already had time to adjust to the new humidity. 

Q: I haven't had my piano tuned in a few that bad?  Do I have to pay extra?

A:  It can slightly damage the strings and make the sound a tiny bit "wavy" even when it's in tune due to what technicians call "false beats".  But if you only play casually in the home and don't plan on giving any professional concerts in your living room, you'll be fine.  It may take a few regular tunings to get it back up to pitch without breaking strings.  ​The worst thing that happens as a result of not tuning your piano is that it sounds like every song you play is an old ragtime tune in a saloo and you can't make any  on it.  In cases where a piano is very much out of tune, many tuners will charge extra for a "pitch raise" but I do not.

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