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Speaker, Portable Keyboard, and Microphone available free of charge with ceremony.

Ceremony - Piano only (MP3's available here)


Cocktail Hour

$250 first hour

$100 each additional hour


Live dance party bands starting at $3,650

**Discounts available when combining

2 or more options.**


Choosing your songs

Need a little help picking songs for your ceremony?  Here is a great place to start:  Wedding Song Choices

Is there a song that is special to you? Let me know!  I've learned countless requests for wedding ceremonies.

Would you need a piano at your venue?  Easy solutionI have a high-end keyboard and speaker, no extra charge.  

Solo piano


Cocktail Hour & Dinner

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Jazz, (Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra) Classical (Bach, Beethoven), Cuban music (The Buena Vista Social Club), Folk (Neil Young, Bob Dylan) Classic Pop (Beatles, Stones, Sir Elton John)

Victor Johnson

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Victor Johnson


Piano ceremony music

A live musical performance is unique in that it's a one-time happening, which allows it to belong to your ceremony in a special and profound way.  ​Having a live musician in control of the feel of the music during your ceremony is the way that you and your wedding party look best walking down the aisle.  Get started here with some song choices!